SS-2 K-102 18.5 Black Synthetic Stock


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Mfg Part Number:SS-2 Manufacturer: Saricam Model: SS-2 K-102 18.5

Manufacturer: Saricam Arms 

Model: SS-2

Gauge: 12 Gauge

Barrel: 28" 

Chamber Size: 3"

Magazine Capacity: 3, 5, 10* (optional) Rounds 

Finish: Black

Stock: Synthetic

SS-2 Inertia Driven Sporting Shotgun

This firearm is highly reliable, as it requires no adjustments and delivers consistent cycling year after year. 

The system is incredibly simple, comprising just three primary parts: the bolt body, inertia spring, and rotating bolt head. 

In addition, the Inertia Driven system operates cleanly, with gas, smoke, and burnt powder remaining in the barrel and not entering the gun's mechanism. 

This results in a cleaner firearm compared to gas systems.



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